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Specialists in the sale of companies within the Global Mid Markets.

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Our international offices allow us to leave 'no stone unturned' when it comes to identifying a prospect for your company.

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Whether you are a private / corporate buyer, advisor, MBI candidate, private equity house or VC, make Benchmark International finders service your first point of contact.

exit a company

Exiting your company is one of the most important and emotive decisions you are ever likely to make and therefore it is important that you choose a company sales specialist that understands both you and your company.

value maximiser

A unique exit process that has been designed and developed to tightly control the sales process with the aim of delivering maximum value for the seller.

market leading business intelligence

Benchmark International has access to over 90 million companies worldwide. This sits alongside our business intelligence systems and bespoke databases of industry acquirers and consolidators and bespoke databases of industry acquirers and consolidators.

Benchmark International
are proud sponsors of the
‘Deal of The Year Award’ at the
2013 Private Equity Awards

In their twelfth year, the Real Deals Private Equity Awards are the oldest and most
respected accolades bestowed on the private equity industry and
those that advise it. Read More

value maximiser

A unique exit process that has been designed and developed by the directors of Benchmark International.

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  • Strategic, up-to-date financial reports & industry analysis.
  • More than 900 in-depth industry reports highlighting industry trends.
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